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heleneMeet Helene
Imagine having barely enough energy to make it through the day. This was a reality for Helene, whose phenomenal fatigue left her falling asleep on the couch by 8 pm every night. Sluggish, overweight and on a ton of medications for chronic diseases, Helene’s quality of life was very poor. Desperate for some help, she sought out Dr. Smith. Three years later, Helene’s now full of energy, free of most of her chronic diseases and many pounds lighter…


mikeMeet Mike
Mike, chronic pain has been something he’s had to deal with since high school. Around that time, he began to suffer constant pain in his shoulder when doing everyday activities like reading or sitting up in bed. Years later as a father, the pain even prevented Mike from holding his son on his shoulders. Mike consulted many doctors, physical therapists, orthopaedic specialists and chiropractors but only received temporary pain relief…


robertMeet Robert
Bobby’s never been easy on his body. As an avid motor cross racer and ATV rider, and with a physically demanding career, his body has taken a lot of abuse over the years. One day, Bobby broke his collar bone while racing ATVs – a bone he had broken a few times before. After the break, Bobby started experiencing a lot of problems, including constant shoulder pain. Looking for relief, he began a treatment program…


nanseyMeet Nansey
As the owner of La Bella Dona Salon, Nansey has to be on the top of her game every day. But for a year and a half, she suffered from a vibration in her leg which made focusing on her busy life difficult. Nansey was also affected by some hormonal issues that she couldn’t resolve. She sought out many different types of doctors and medical treatments, with no improvement. On the advice of her trainer, Nansey sought out Dr. Smith…


Why the brain?

Because our brain controls, coordinates and regulates every single function of your body, and it is the organ of our memory, character, feelings, intelligence, and every single decision or thought we ever make. When your brain works well, you work well. When your brain is not working right, you are not working right, and this leads to problems you don’t need. The great news is that the brain is capable of repair and can respond to targeted sensory and cognitive therapies that are individualized according to your exam findings.

A balanced brain leads to a balanced body and better function and is often the key to recovery. This is easily demonstrated with spinal problems: if one side of the brain is slower, then EVERYTHING it controls will be slower including spinal musculature. Unbalanced muscles can lead to recurrent abnormal spinal motion and sets the stage for degeneration.

Why the body?

As it turns out, science is now showing us that how the brain is functioning will affect the body, and how the body is functioning will affect the brain. In other words, for optimal brain health we need optimal overall health. It is not just knowing about the brain and nervous system: it is all about knowing how the brain and body interact and being able to support whatever system is not optimal. For example, it is now known that migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, brain fog, depression, anxiety, fatigue, pain, arthritis, memory issues, dizziness, concussion and virtually all chronic conditions are caused or perpetuated by inflammation. Furthermore, this inflammation usually has multiple causes: allergy; gut and digestive health; weight; sleep; foods; nutrient imbalances; hormones; stress; infectious burden; immune issues; toxic exposures; blood sugar regulation, exercise and fitness levels, trauma and other environmental stressors.


This website does not provide medical advice. All health and health-related information contained within this website is intended to be general in nature and for informational and educational purposes only.

It is not intended to be a substitute for professional health advice, diagnosis or treatment or a professional’s independent medical judgement.


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