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Covid-19 Update: Stronger Muscles Make for a Stronger Immune System

Hello everyone:  As we move into the new year with this ongoing pandemic, it continues to be important to maintain a robust immune system and to lower, get rid of, or optimally manage any co-morbidities one may have. One way to accomplish all of these goals is with exercises that help create muscle strength. However, loss of muscle mass and strength is called sarcopenia, and while it is most common in those over 50, it is unfortunately common in all age groups. Think not only of the younger people that are absorbed in screen time to the exclusion of exercise, as well as the middle-aged and elderly that just do not move enough to maintain health. Lack of muscle strength is seen in all age groups, so this information is widely applicable. Now the research is showing that muscle strength is related to immune senescence, which refers to the gradual deterioration of the immune system ... Read more

COVID-19 Update : New Year and New Opportunities

Hello everyone, and Happiest of New Year's Wishes for a Healthy and Prosperous 2021! As we watch this incredible past year fade into history, we are still faced with many challenges for the foreseeable future. As I reported in an earlier blog, the U.S. is the most co-morbid country in the world, with only 1 out of every 10 of us being metabolically fit and healthy. This is largely due to our dietary choices as food has been recognized as the leading cause of death and disability in America, and this fact that is reported regularly in the scientific press is not widely known or acted upon. “Specific diseases and risk factors, such as drug use disorders, high BMI, poor diet, high fasting plasma glucose level, and alcohol use disorders are increasing and warrant increased attention. These data can be used to inform national health priorities for research, clinical care, and ... Read more