Smell Loss: An Early Sign of Brain Loss

Hello again everyone:

Here is more info on how the loss of smell can be a signal of loss of brain function, that is, an early warning sign of pending memory loss, cognitive decline and dementia.

The authors conclude that:

Impairment in odor identification was superior to deficits in verbal episodic memory in predicting cognitive decline in cognitively intact participants. The findings support the cross-cultural use of a relatively inexpensive odor identification test as an early biomarker of cognitive decline and AD dementia.

Bottom Line: We are now starting to offer the same tests that these researchers used to identify loss of smell. Together with multiple other tests and strategies, we can identify early markers of brain function that may indicate a gradual loss of cognition and other brain functions. The advantage of this approach is that when these issues are discovered early, comprehensive natural strategies can be very effective at slowing, reversing or stopping them and thus protecting your future brain health. Pro-active approaches offer the best possible solutions, plus, early data like this can serve as a base-line. Base-line studies make it easier to note progress as well as any future loss and are an important part of health maintenance. We will soon be able to offer a comprehensive cognitive evaluation for subjective cognitive decline (you notice a loss of brain function, but no one else does), mild cognitive impairment (others are starting to notice) and dementia. We will certainly keep everyone notified as soon as this is fully available.

PS: If you do a home do-it-yourself smell test just for fun, see what happens if you compare smell on one side of the nose versus the other! Also try it with taste: compare one side of the tongue to the other with different tastes. Note any differences in intensity or sensitivity and let me know what you have found!!

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