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Did you know that loss of sense of smell can be an early sign of loss of brain function? Well, sorry to tell you, but it is an important marker that can be used to see how well your brain is aging.

“To increase the opportunity to delay or prevent mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or Alzheimer disease (AD) dementia, markers of early detection are essential. Olfactory impairment may be an important clinical marker and predictor of these conditions and may help identify persons at increased risk.”

Their conclusions are clear:

“Olfactory impairment is associated with incident aMCI and progression from aMCI to AD dementia. These findings are consistent with previous studies that have reported associations of olfactory impairment with cognitive impairment in late life and suggest that olfactory tests have potential utility for screening for MCI and MCI that is likely to progress.”

Bottom Line: If you or a loved one notices a loss of the ability to smell, as well as noticing a general loss of taste, it is important to check on this further as it can be an indicator of early loss of brain function that can lead down the path to dementia. The earlier you know that your brain may be declining, the easier it is to help it stop that downward slide. Loss of smell does not mean that you have dementia, but that you may be at greater risk and that you should pay attention to your brain health. Loss of smell is also related to other types of dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, head injury, nasal infections, smoking and trauma (broken nose especially).

At any rate, let us know if you are concerned as we have great medically approved smell tests that are the most accurate and not expensive. By the way, you may have heard of the peanut butter smell test…however, some follow-up research discredited that test as not being accurate. Sorry…and if your sense of taste or smell decline, be concerned enough to get it checked.

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