Food Choices and Leaky Gut

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It is now scientifically validated that foods that induce inflammatory responses damage the intestines and cause leaky gut, gluten in particular. Dairy, soy, egg, grains, gums, processed foods, excess sugar, and fast foods are the other most common potential culprits. In turn, the leaky gut allows toxins to enter the blood stream and cause multiple types of bad shenanigans all over. The information is so strong that it appears prudent to investigate leaky gut issues in virtually any chronic health problem as it may be a part of what causes, aggravates or perpetuates illness. Take a look:

The authors statement is pretty clear:

“Gut affects various systems in the human body. The leaky gut hypothesis tells us that gut microbial products cause systemic low-grade inflammation, which enhances the progression of various human diseases. Microbial translocation attributable to intestinal barrier dysfunction and hyperpermeability have been proven in major human diseases.”

Bottom Line: Start by avoiding and limiting foods that are known to cause inflammatory reactions and damage the gut lining, the main ones being gluten, grains, egg, dairy of all types, soy, corn, gums, sugar, processed foods, fried foods, and processed vegetable oils (corn, canola, etc.). Also, go organic whenever possible. It can be that simple to see a significant change in your health in as little as 30 days. In the next several blogs we will go over more info on leaky gut and I will end this series with what now appears to be the best way(s) to heal your leaky gut and make sure it stays healthy.

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