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Brain On Fire = Memory Loss

Hello again everyone: There continues to be a growing body of research that is revealing that chronic, low level, background inflammation contributes to brain degeneration. In separate interviews, the authors and reviewers stated the following: Adults with elevated inflammation composite scores or elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) levels during midlife experienced steeper cognitive decline -- especially in memory -- over a 20-year period, reported Keenan Walker, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore "Systemic infection and inflammation are common as people get older," noted Wendy Qiu, MD, PhD, who was not part of this research. "This large cohort study provides evidence that chronic peripheral inflammation could impact the brain, leading to cognitive decline in the elderly. Treating systemic ... Read more

Heal Your Gut With Food!

Hello again: Here is the final installment on how to heal the gut, which tells you what to do. To summarize: Prebiotics are what FEED our Probiotics which then produce a vast array of chemicals called Postbiotics. Postbiotics is a term that refers to the enormous array of compounds that are produced by the metabolic activity of your probiotic bacteria. These probiotic-produced postbiotic compounds play extremely important roles in the regulation of health and in the maintenance of a healthy microbiome as well as virtually every system of our body. Diversity & Postbiotics: Different bacteria produce different kinds of metabolites. This is why diversity, meaning many different kinds of probiotic bacteria equates to a healthier microbiome, and better health for the individual…and…experts estimate that there are hundreds of thousands of postbiotic compounds that have yet to be ... Read more

Who Knew? Gut Bug Diversity is Essential For Health

Hello again everyone: As we continue our exploration of the over 100 trillion bacteria that inhabit our gut, that come in over 1000 different species, it becomes important to know that the more diverse our population of gut bacteria (our microbiome), the healthier we are. Check this out: The authors say that: In particular, microbial richness, intended as bacterial diversity, is usually considered an indicator of a healthy status: reduced bacterial diversity has been related to obesity and immune-related and inflammatory diseases. In addition, as a healthy microbiome composition is required for a number of physiological functions, qualitative alterations, especially at level of the core microbiome, can lead to the development of disease. Bottom Line: We need to maintain a gut with great microbial ... Read more