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Heal Your Gut With Your Food!

Prebiotics are what FEED our Probiotics which then produce a vast array of chemicals called Postbiotics. Postbiotics is a term that refers to the enormous array of compounds that are produced by the metabolic activity of your probiotic bacteria. These probiotic-produced postbiotic compounds play extremely important roles in the regulation of health and in the maintenance of a healthy microbiome as well as virtually every system of our body. Diversity & Postbiotics: Different bacteria produce different kinds of metabolites. This is why diversity, meaning many different kinds of probiotic bacteria equates to a healthier microbiome, and better health for the individual. Postbiotic compounds are the key regulators of gastrointestinal health. Probiotic bacteria produce numerous classes of postbiotic compounds such as: 1. Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAS): These compounds are ... Read more

Food Choices and Leaky Gut

Hello everyone: It is now scientifically validated that foods that induce inflammatory responses damage the intestines and cause leaky gut, gluten in particular. Dairy, soy, egg, grains, gums, processed foods, excess sugar, and fast foods are the other most common potential culprits. In turn, the leaky gut allows toxins to enter the blood stream and cause multiple types of bad shenanigans all over. The information is so strong that it appears prudent to investigate leaky gut issues in virtually any chronic health problem as it may be a part of what causes, aggravates or perpetuates illness. Take a look: The authors statement is pretty clear: “Gut affects various systems in the human body. The leaky gut ... Read more

Smell Loss: An Early Sign of Brain Loss

Hello again everyone: Here is more info on how the loss of smell can be a signal of loss of brain function, that is, an early warning sign of pending memory loss, cognitive decline and dementia. The authors conclude that: Impairment in odor identification was superior to deficits in verbal episodic memory in predicting cognitive decline in cognitively intact participants. The findings support the cross-cultural use of a relatively inexpensive odor identification test as an early biomarker of cognitive decline and AD dementia. Bottom Line: We are now starting to offer the same tests that these researchers used to identify loss of smell. Together with multiple other tests and strategies, we can identify early markers of brain function that may indicate a gradual loss of cognition and other brain functions. The advantage ... Read more

Food: Killer and Healer

Hey there everyone: If you have been reading any of my blog posts, you will recall that inflammation is the cause, aggravating or perpetuating factor of virtually every health issue. So, by now you get the fact that inflammation is something you want to reduce, and you should be aware that what we eat can either be a source of inflammation and illness or a source of our recovery and a huge part of prevention. Just do a search on inflammatory foods if you need any convincing. “Diets rich in fruits and vegetables (FV), which contain (poly)phenols, protect against age-related inflammation and chronic diseases.” And “These results suggest that (poly)phenols derived from onions, turmeric, red grapes, green tea and açai berries may help reduce the release of pro-inflammatory mediators in people at risk of chronic ... Read more

How Poor Food Choices Are Killing Us

As we enter this new year full of potential, I want to circle back to food for a moment, just to highlight the urgency and critical nature that food plays in our health. Why? I wrote this blog two years ago, and the overall situation with food in this country has not improved, nor has the epidemic of chronic disease. Food is a MAJOR driver of chronic disease, a fact I will focus on in the next few blogs by showing you what the science says. Most experts feel that it is responsible for 80% of chronic degenerative health disorders. Most of the time the effects of eating processed foods are not felt immediately, which is one reason people have trouble getting it that their food plan may be destroying their health. So I want to let you see what the science says about processed foods: The researchers in this article ... Read more