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Beware of the Brain Fog!

Subjective cognitive impairment or decline is what is experienced when we start noticing that our brain is off. This is a great article that reveals the multiple possible causes of ‘fog’ and leads to the discussion below: Fundamentally, the authors state that ‘foggy’ brains are exposed to inflammation, and they go on to list many causes, from mold to being overweight. This is an important article to pay attention to and read through as it lists many of the symptoms of ‘fog’, which is in reality, the early manifestations of neurodegeneration!! Subjective cognitive impairment (SCI), or ‘fog’, is really any new decline of brain function that you notice that persists or is recurrent. Most likely, no one else will notice until the disturbance gets bad enough to be called MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment), which then can ... Read more

Music and Meditation Can Improve and Save Your Memory!

Hope your summer is great, and here is some news that you can use to improve your lifestyle, enrich your life and protect your brain. The authors state: "Findings of this preliminary randomized controlled trial suggest practice of meditation or ML (music listening) can significantly enhance both subjective memory function and objective cognitive performance in adults with SCD, and may offer promise for improving outcomes in this population." First of all, subjective cognitive decline is what precedes mild cognitive impairment which is what precedes dementia. This is why it is critical to pay attention to any type of loss of brain function because an early warning sign of dementia is subjective ... Read more

Brain On Fire: Part 3 Putting Out The Fire

We are continuing to explore ways to put out the fire of inflammation that leads to brain degeneration, brain fog, memory loss, anxiety, depression and more, so please take a look at this incredible paper: There are several points worth mentioning that the authors state: “For prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, curcumin has been shown to effectively maintain the normal structure and function of cerebral vessels, mitochondria, and synapses, reduce risk factors for a variety of chronic diseases, and decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The effect of curcumin on Alzheimer’s disease involves multiple signaling pathways: anti-amyloid and metal iron chelating properties, antioxidation and anti-inflammatory activities. Indeed, there is a scientific basis for the rational application of curcumin in prevention and ... Read more

Brain On Fire: Part 2 Putting Out The Fire

I hope everyone’s summer is going well. I want to stress something that I went over in a recent blog of 7/16/2018, simply because it is really incredible that this information is out there, yet not discussed. This is really a crime and needs to be addressed, and this especially applies to those with Alzheimer’s (AD) in the family or anyone who feels that their cognitive abilities are slipping: Conclusions: Neurovascular inflammation and metabolic dysregulation driven mainly by poor diets likely serve as an essential underlying etiology of LOAD (Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease). Human clinical trial evidence of plant-based diets for eliminating comorbidities and risk factors of LOAD support its potential as a powerful prevention strategy. In particular, plant-based diets as well as a number of anti-inflammatory nutrients ... Read more